and on the 28th day..

A total rush job.
Weird how after 27 days of working 12 hour+ shifts amongst other things I still got time to do the challenge.
It  comes to day 28 and I have not had a spare minute. So here is a 20 minute montage at the end of a very long day.
My apologies. I will make it up to you all ­čśŽ


Z is for Zorilla

And so we come to the end of my animal alphabet,  part of the 28 drawings later february drawing challenge.
Obviously there are 2 days left in february, so I will still be posting 2 pictures.
Tomorrows will be chosen by those following my doodles on my Facebook page,
so if you want a particular animal done for day 27 then please join us at

Thanks so much to all that have liked these posts this month. It has been a great motivator.